Thursday, March 3, 2011

entry way add-ons

I did a quick little thing to the entryway dresser, and I am really liking the results!  For bearings, when you enter the house, theres a bureau right next to the door, along with a stone-filled boot tray.*  This is where we end up throwing our gloves, sunglasses, and dog leash.... and it always ends up looking a mess.  So, time to fix it!


I have no idea where I got this basket, but how retro is that?!?!?!

Took a good number of coats to get in every crack and crevice... but it was spray painting!  So the more coats, the more fun!!

Finished result:

You actually saw this in the Xmas recap.

Perfect for hiding things, like store membership cards or extra dog-walk-bags

Then I saw this awesome idea from House Bella:

LOVE it!  I do like the House Bella galvanized pail (which reminds me of how they display sunglasses in a Fossil store,) but this is a case of workin with whatcha got.  I have two other matching bins of different, nesting sizes, which I hope to put to good use somewhere nearby.  But, in the meantime, this new place to store the leash, totally out of the way!  And neither the sunglasses nor the leash are makin my house look cluttered anymore.**  FOR THE WIN!!! 

I do think the top (dare I say, tablescape?!) needs a tall and medium item or two (listen to Mrs. Bower, she knows.)   

*Awww!  One of my first posts!!    
**I totally believe in that old school saying: a place for everything, and everything in it's place.  It's easier to keep your house clean and orderly that way.... I do not care if I sound like a Grandma.  Shut up.


  1. i picked up a galvanized pail in the dollar bins at target the other day! they had little seeds and plant markers and other cute gardening stuff FOR A DOLLAR! check it out!

  2. Well, if I must, I must... but only because you tell me to!