Monday, December 12, 2011

xmas 2011: ho ho ho

I don't think you're ready for this jelly.....but get ready, cuz here it comes.

We decorated for Christmas.  Which, I never used to be crazy for... UNTIL the beau came along and UNTIL I was slapped in the face with so much internet-blogland inspiration.  And let me tell you, I am loving what we got going on!  Now, there is more I would love to do, but budget, time, and space to store the other 11 months of the year is keeping me under control.

First, I put out some Silver & Gold (by ways of my spray-painted pine cones featured before.)

just like the clay snowman sang about

Second, I filled 3 vases with silver ornaments and silver Mardi Gras beads.

glam BAM!

I LOVE these.  I would love to make some fake presents (in shiny red wrapping) and place around the base of the vases and under some vases to give more dramatic height.  But I couldn't justify this when I had no room to store these empty boxes in the off season.  Next house, for sure.

Third, we got a tree.  A fake tree.  A fake, white tree.  Oh you better believe we got funky up in here!

won't you take me to FUNKY CHRISTMAS TOWN?! 

Yup, sparkly white tree + all red ornaments = the hotness.  I am in love.  The reason why we have a pint-size ghost tree is because Xmas will be hosted by another, and we didn't want a real tree to die while we were away, and we wanted to enjoy the holiday cheer.... so, obviously, this was the only logical answer.  Please tell me you love it and want to be like me.  Or, you know, lie.

Fourth, the peace wreath from last year (seen/done here)?  It's inside.  MADNESS, I KNOW!  But we needed to balance out an empty space & add some height so onto the wall it went (hung with a 3M removable hook.)  

kum-bay-yah, yo

I figure, this is a more stylized wreath that could rep the hippy indoors and match the circular plate on the other wall.  Oh!  And we did think about mounting the wreath ON the gold plate, but it didn't look as good as we thought it would.

Fifth, the bar got blinged. 

erm, the garland is level... the angle is just, um, messin with the view

That's a basic lit garland draped along the frame (with 3M hooks,) and strings of beads (usually for the tree) hung through the glass racks.  It took a bit of finagling to get the beads to stay and more to get them the right lengths.... I scrapped having them all the same length because that would talk TOO LONG.  Look at it all lit up!  I love how the garland really frames the bar.

Sixth, the table.

The bowl is Ikea.  The filler is, yup, more beads.  The napkin rings?  BEADS AGAIN!  (Bet you didn't see that one coming!)  And that lovely, delicate table runner was a gift from a very close family friend.

beads, beads... GLORIOUS BEADS!!!!!

adding some quaint to the otherwise glitz-fest

I have also, when we were using the chargers but not the fancy-pants napkins (I use those only for foreign dignitaries,) I put them all in the center bowl.  I kinda like this too... like a pick-your-poison of, um, hand towels.  Whatever.

So, there you go!  This is how we deck our halls and bring out the figgy pudding.  What did you do?  Anyone hate a non-green tree??

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Friday, December 9, 2011

modg's wana

I'm sure you are all tired of me NOT posting.  Then saying I'm back.  Then not being back.  Hell, you've all probably forgotten about me.  No matter!

Posting something amazing:

priceless art from MODG

I admit it.  I follow a personal blog of someone I don't know.  I blame her awesome nursery for it.  But, it's a hilarious blog, so doesn't matter.  Anyways, I am drawing attention her her blog, and specifically this post, because it's something I want to support as much as I can.

what it is: 
 Essentially, a "forum" or place for those who want to help others to connect with those in serious need to help (like, I-can't-afford-a-present-AT-ALL-for-my-child families).  This means anything from sending used clothes & toys to sending brand-new gifts or making care packages.

Other than "Tis the Season" and all, there was a judgmental comment on MODG's post about the birthday party thrown for her son regarding her personal finances.  MODG responded with a post sarcastically saying she's Donald Trump's mentor, only to be met with comments from readers supporting her and ones explaining the hard or good times they are in.  The magic came when other commentators responded to those down on their luck offering help.  And from the spirit behind those comments, this drive was born.

So, if I can help by spreading the word, then that's what I will do.  Should you want to help a family in need (or just want a good tear-jerker (whatever, it's dusty in here)), GO HERE.


I'll be back this weekend with a post about how I took crap around my house in attempts to make it look less like "crap" and more like "holiday cheer".  Peace out.