Friday, March 18, 2011

upstairs bathroom reveal

BATHROOM IS (almost) DONE!!! 

You know, before I show any pictures, I thought now would be a good time to talk.  Shoot the breeze.  Chit-chat.  Get to know one another.  Because I feel I keep giving you these half-finished reveals; these semi-Afters. Well, lemme break it down for you: this is how home renovation goes.  More particularly, this is how our renovations, as first-time home-buyers who are learning as they go and are working on a teeny-tiny shoestring budget roll, seem to go.  Basically, ya do what ya are able to with the money and expertise you have at the time...

...then you wait until you have the money/help/tools to do the rest.  It is agonizing and slow and, well, horrible for blog reveals.  As you see, this doesn't phase me, and here you go!  Another almost-done!  Lucky you.


Yup, this is the beauty I walked into.  Peeling wallpaper on half the walls, classic black and pink tiles on the walls, shower and floor, a worn and stripped vanity with an un-secure top, and a blue tub.  Throw in SEVERELY leaking plumbing in the shower and tub, and that was our bathroom!  Jealous?  Oh yeah, I know I am.  


It wasn't until last July that I finally showered in the upstairs shower!  And man, what a luxury that was- no more scampering around & downstairs in my towel or robe... small victories.  The wall tiles were removed, and drywall hung.  The shower and floor were re-tiled with a neutral tile (see more about that here.)  



Stay tuned for a more in-depth look....


  1. phew...i'm glad you got your shit together, candysu!

  2. Candy the bathroom looks amazing!! I can't wait to come visit you again so I can see it in person!

  3. HUGE transformation! LOVE the new sink and vanity!