Monday, March 28, 2011

to-do list FAIL

So, I was all gung-ho and boastful about my lofty goals for the weekend.  Now is probably a good time to revise that to weekend month/spring aspirations.  Let's recap:

1) Tackle backyard?
2) Start either dresser or bed-frame project?
3) Caulk kitchen?
4) Bake cakes?

No, no, no and 1/2 done.

Yup.  How's that for being a go-getter?!  What we DID do was talk more about a plan for the backyard (including discussing having a stamped concrete patio put in,) bought grass seed & fertilizer to start on the lawn, and baked one out of the two cakes planned.

You know what I DID do?  Picked up a new dog!  I'll be updating the menagerie page with her story, but for now here's a picture:

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  1. she looks like a sweetie pie :)