Tuesday, May 12, 2009

weekend update

Craigslist is my favorite. Without it, I think I'd currently be sitting on the floor typing instead of on a plush leather couch. And that would be bad on the back. Anyways, was pointed to a set of chairs for my rec room. My vision was to have four chairs, conversation style. My vision came true:

They rock and swivel (my mom "you had me at 'swivel'!") Interestingly, the blue-green in the chairs, which are wickedly comfortable, matches my walls very nicely. It's a shame, really, that they are a hideous pattern. Real shame. I hope to cover or reupholster these, but for now they're fine. And at only $250 for all four, that is FINE!!

On another note, please never let your window wells go too long without cleaning out.

You see, this well had a good half a foot of leaves accumulated. It's maybe 5ft deep. And not wide enough! Not nearly. In the end, I bested the situation- leaves removed. In the process? Sure scratched up my shoulders. Thank you genetics & swimming.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm floored

First thing in the morning, my uncle shows up and disturbs me from my slumber. So, I put him to work cutting molding. And wouldn't you know, this was the result:

Pretty, huh? It's weird. When we were first laying out the molding along the walls, it took a second to get used to the room looking finished. That is how much I have gotten accustomed to my half-finished house..... I don't think a single room has quarter-round.*

Once my dad and his fiance showed up, we got to work on laying the floor in the front downstairs bedroom. This goes fairly quickly- lay barrier then start locking and clicking. It gets time consuming when you have to cut pieces to fit around doorways (especially abnormal on-a-slant doorways,) closets, and the base of stairs.

See? Took 3 brothers working together.. er.... well, maybe not "together," but it took 3 brothers working.

*Anymore. There was some crappy quarter-round that was removed during demo.

Cooper helps by walking through our work area.

Finished! We got the hallway and front bedroom done, so all that remains is the back bedroom. Oh, and nailing in the molding for the bedrooms. And installing the thresholds across the doorways. But other than that, it's practically finished!

See? Awesomeness!!! And there's a peek at the transformation this bedroom underwent.