Monday, March 7, 2011

vanity update: cue doom music

Oh dear.  Oh dear, dear me.  

The beau and I had a HUGE google doc with a ton of sink and faucet options: white, glass and color... round, rectangle, other, etc etc.  After working through all (like when getting fitted for glasses: "which is better, A or B?  Ok, now B or C?") we decided on this guy.  But, after we did a dry (HA!*) fit, meaning we hooked up the pipes and tested everything before caulking and tightening everything, we realized this combination of sink and faucet just will not do.

Why, you ask?  

See anything wrong?

WE MADE A WATER-LAUNCHER!  This combination of Kraus Sheven faucet should NOT be paired with this particular sink (also by Kraus)... I cannot stress this enough.  The sink is on the shallow side, with sloped sides.  When the water comes out of the faucet at a 45degree angle, it hits the sloped side of the sink and VOOSH!  All over the vanity, the floor, and the poor soul standing in front of it.  We tinkered around with the distance between the faucet and the sink (hoping if the water hit lower, it would be ok,) and with the valves at the wall (less water coming out, less water-ramp, right?)

In the end, we decided we want it to be "right" and not install everything and live with "1/3 water valves open", so we are exchanging for this... we are hoping that this style faucet, with the bend, will force the water straight down and hit the drain at a 90degree angle and, therefore, no splatter will occur.  The new sink & faucet combo is $10 less than the original purchase PLUS we found a coupon code for Overstock, so MONEY SAVED!  ...or at least breaking even after return shipping?  Will find out how much that adds up to, soon.  

With the design flaw** and the exchange.... we are ending up with the EXACT SAME SET (different color) as YoungHouseLove.  

Here is hoping the new sink & faucet get here right quick!

*Dry... I WISH!  Water, water everywhere.
**I was live chatting*** with an Overstock help lady, (to see if we had to exchange the whole thing or if could just swap the faucet- answer? whole thing) and she said something like "I just checked the product page, and if you install as the specifications say and as shown in the picture, the water will not splatter." 
REALLY, lady?  You are telling me I am wrong after I told you how we did everything to the instructions AND then moved around to see if something better would work?  Do they teach that in customer service school?  Lecture the customer on how they are obviously doing something wrong, even though you have no evidence to this.
So I responded using her exact words "I just checked the ACTUAL product, and if you install as the specifications say and as shown in the picture, the water WILL splatter all over the place."  
**I LOVE live customer service chat!  Beats waiting on hold to get someone on the phone (though, you can't really rant as easily), but I feel it's much quicker response time.  And you can link to pages (which is easier) and you can do other things on computer while waiting, if necessary.  Or, don't have to go to a place where you won't disturb coworkers or have enough bars for a call.


  1. i assume that spreadsheet included an aquarium sink and it was at least top 5.

  2. While I am truly sorry that this unfortunate series of events has happened to you, I must say that it tickles me pink.

  3. I'm so glad you were able to keep your sense of humor with this! And that you got a picture. I'm sure your new setup will be just as beautiful, and you won't look like you had an "accident" after washing your hands!