all about me

Alls (Not) Quiet On the Homefront
For some unknown reason, I thought it would be a good idea to buy a house in shambles and fix it up.  "Good time to buy" and all that mumbo-jumbo led me to be a homeowner before I was 25.  With the never-ending support and expertise of my family (who I couldn't do this without!), I am slowly turning this ugly duckling into a semi-ok-looking duckling.  My focus is on cheap & fun finds, style, and will-work-for-food labor.

I moved to the Wheaton/Greater Silver Spring area, and continue to be delighted by the area.  Though it could use a bit of a spit-shine, what lies beneath is truly a diamond in the rough.

The Cookinator
I love cooking and take great pleasure out of fattening up my friends & family, (luckily, I don't hear any objections.)  Added bonus?  Hearing their rave reviews & praise.  It feeds my ego.  I'm horrible at following directions and often make-up recipes as I go.  Part of my goal is to actually record and remember my crazy concoctions, so that they can be recreated!  I read way too many food & cooking blogs on a daily basis, and have a must-make-NOW list of recipes that is out of control.

I like cooking on the healthier side of life, with an emphasis on "real" food (i.e. ingredients that my great-grandparents would recognize,) whole grains, and local/organic/free-range (when I can afford or find it,) and largely avoiding the middle (read: processed) aisles of the grocery store.  

p.s.  This is Cooper.  He's my (unamused) greyhound.  Life's tough being him.  If you are at all interested in learning more about greyhounds and how to rescue, please contact me!  You, too, can be judged by a canine!!