Sunday, April 26, 2009


Look at my boot tray! My house doesn't have an entry-way, but instead opens straight into the family room. Therefore, I wanted to have a boot tray for ... um... boots. And shoes. You should see the amount of dirt the tray collects! Actually, you shouldn't. Too dirty. Anyways, I saw this idea on a blog & ran with it. Got cheap bags of decorative stone from Ikea to fill the tray- really helps it blend into the room instead of standing out like a sore thumb AND adds a nice natural element. I'm planning on looking into painting the tray, itself, as black doesn't really fit in.....


  1. that's awesome!! are the stones loose or glued (or something) in?

  2. Loose- that way I can clean the tray & all the dirt that collects. Also, that way Cooper can randomly splatter stones all over the entry way.

    ...I think I will add another bag, as I do prefer a thick layering of river rock, don't you?