Friday, January 20, 2012

adding more closet storage

Here's a quick and minor update that has me dancing in my pants:

All the closets in the house are your standard bar and one shelf.  It works, but either leaves a bunch of un-used space at the top OR a circus-car-packed-with-clowns effect when cram in as much as you can...

So, we built a second shelf.  More organized & more storage!  This is really quite simple: curt & screw to wall the 1x3 frame, and then cut shelf to size & voila!  Add some paint, if you like things pretty... but ONLY if you like. 

1x3 frame installed & painted

was also painting the shelf... both dry & both go up!

immediately jam with junk... TA DA!

Word to the wise: remove closet doors before embarking on this journey. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

building built-ins: in progress

Let me tell you about the state of things....


THIS is the state of things.  With a little of this...

 ...and a little of that....

Because, ya know, the perfect time to make a built-in is when you are 110 days out from your wedding....

Anyone surprised?