Sunday, April 5, 2009

my boudoir


Let's remember the pink. Also, there were two dead birds stuck in that window with the AC.


SOLID GOLD, BABY! This is a shiny metallic paint... I believe from Home Depot, (but don't quote me) that only needs the special roller for application. (FYI- other metallic paints require the special roller and a separate base & top coat. Which means more work. And more expensive. This isn't exactly rocket science. Or even freakin ecology for that matter.)

So, 1) cleaned the floor & applied floor shiner/protector; 2) removed AC unit; 3) removed about 85 stupid glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling; 4) painted ceiling; 5) painted room walls; 6) removed ugly vinyl accordion closet door; 7) install closet shelving (below); 8) move in!

Oh aren't they pretty?? And guess what? They are filled with shoes! And purses! And and and... SCARVES and stuff!!! And (teaser) I am so awesome at shelving, you better believe I continued my groove on into the living room closet, too.


And by "After," I mean "done for now, but there's still more to go," but that doesn't roll off the tongue so well. Got me an orange-red bedspread with gold threading (though this isn't really reflected by my award-winning photography) and gold curtains.

Eventually, that closet will be closed off. I don't know if that means a basic sliding closet door (which would require installing the tracks, too) or curtains? Crazy, yes. But it's a gold bedroom.

The furniture is an antique set I have had since I was about 14 yrs old. I dream about darker wood and something more along the lines of a sleigh bed... but I have doubts about what my teeny tiny room can hold. Size-wise. I also have doubts on what my bank account can hold. Money-wise.

This was the first room done in (mostly) whole. I started sleeping in my brand new place the first Sunday, and stayed completely about a week after I closed. Wow, I am exhausted just remembering this.

Next up, rec room!

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