Sunday, April 19, 2009

magician in the kitchen


Notice the fridge out in No Man's Land.


.... ok, so there's not much change other than the addition of stuff. But, if this was in high-def, you'd be able to see how CLEAN it is now! Before = greasy, crumby, and complete with dead mouse. After = CLEAN! Amazing, I know.

LOOK AT MY REFRIGERATOR! Isn't it beautiful? Shiny and black and big and and and.... full of food! As if that wasn't enough, it's now in the kitchen! I tell you, genius like this just doesn't come around every day.

Side Story: This vent was above the stove. I have serious doubts about whether or not this was cleaned. Ever. Since 1960. So, it was gross and old and without purpose. When the drywaller was here, I had him patch this closed. More importantly, he fixed the ceiling next to the vent, which was bubbling and cracking. You'll just have to take my word for it, as I have no photographic evidence of it. Oh, and that is sunlight you see. It's not always an open hole to the sky, I just took this picture when the roofers were a'roofin.


Ooooohhh. Aaaaaahhh. Not much changing here that you can see. Moved the fridge (major); tore up the devil's-made adhesive tiles* (LOOK! REAL TILE!!); replaced dish-washer (not interesting); and replaced sink faucet. And added the orange! Bring on the color.

Imagine I had a picture of the old, standard kitchen faucet that whined whenever turned on high. Then looky here:

Next up: .... I don't know. Living room, maybe??


  1. ooo! "candy's kitchen" is about the kitchen!!

  2. Candy had made it really very innovative and addictive. She has changed all the thing such as cabinets , floor color , appliance . I am so impress.