Wednesday, April 15, 2009

rec (wreck?) room


Let us remember: paneling, drop ceiling, broken window (pretend you can see that), carpet reminent, and general grodiness.

Glad I could revisit this.


First thing's first- remove ugly carpet and drop ceiling. One may ask "Why not replace the open window in your house first?" Well, I'll tell you. Because.... because.... because I like a good breeze early in the morning, don't you?

help from the fam.

Well, there you go. Window solved.

As you can see, there was painting. And there was fiasco. But first! First there was dry-walling. Hired a dry-waller to re-do the previously paneled walls and ceiling, both of which looked strikingly similar to Swiss cheese. So, post-dry-wall, I thought it was a smashing idea to paint the ceiling.... the picture above is the result. This is why I should not be left alone. Not because it ends in disaster, but because there needs to be someone around to witness such hilarity. Humor like this should not be wasted.

You know what's fun? Moving all those boxes of flooring. This is a promise of things to come...

Interesting story about the paint. I had a metallic that I LOVED- it was a shiny blue-green. Sagey. Really cool. But, when I found out that that particular paint required a base coat plus the color top-coat... well, that was the end of that! Later, I went and had the paint men color match regular paint to the metallic sample. Ta da!! And now, for the final reveal...


LOOK AT THE FLOOR!! Go on, look at it! So pretty. So, so pretty. Wanna hear a secret? It's an interlocking, tongue & groove, floating floor. Super easy to install! I'll be running this in the bedrooms, too, as soon as I have the time/ my dad comes to visit.

Yes, that is an Ikea futon. It's a college relic and, in all honestly, very handy for visiting friends!

How perfect is that painting? Love it. The coffee table & the fish tank will be refinished in a darker brown.... eventually. OH! Speaking of the coffee table, take a look earlier & you will see that it used to be taller. I went all mafia on that sucker & now it's shorter... like a coffee table should be. I think it still could loose a couple inches, though. And, in regards to the fish tank, there is nothing currently inside. Plan is to eventually make it home to a bunch of fish, but I'm holding off until the shoe molding is done and the tank stand is painted.

Other plans include: breezy & light curtains, finishing the window (yes, well aware it's not completed,) ceiling medallion above the chandelier, shoe molding, rugs, and changing out the futon. I know, shocking that I'm not planning my decor around that futon.

Next up, kitchen!

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