Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Doomsday, otherwise known as "move-in day." 98% of the moving was done by my mom & I with her pick-up truck and my Forrester. U-Hauls? We don't need no stinkin' U-Hauls! Men? We don't need no... ok, so we did have some help when unsuspecting uncles/brother/dad were lurking about.

Here's the front & backyard on move-in day. Notice how we decided to move with snow on the ground? Well, that's not just any snow. Oh no. That has a thick layer of slippery ice on top of it. Seeing this made me think "I'll carry heavy & awkward objects across it!" Long story short, we got most of my junk moved this weekend. I would drive into work with a full load & drop it off afterwards. Also, my mom would pack up her truck & meet me at the house after work a couple times to unload.

I figure I'll show renovations room by room....

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