Tuesday, January 18, 2011

new duvet: i'm pressed!

For a while, I had my eye on this duvet cover from West Elm.  Then, soon after Xmas, a friend pointed out that it was on SUPER sale, WITH a 20% off code!  This meant that I was able to get the duvet cover and two shams for less than $60- cant go wrong with that!  Add in a down-alternative duvet insert/comforter from HomeGoods, and new bedding complete!

A few days after buying the duvet, and while (impatiently) waiting for it to arrive, I see YoungHouseLove got the same one!  So, now I look like a copy-cat.... not true!  But doesn't matter, cuz LOOK HOW AWESOME!!

I previously had a reddish-orange quilt in the room, and a lot of red-hued furniture.  This was great, and very lux, but I was tired of it and felt it was too much red & gold and not enough contrast.  Then, when the beau moved in, the mix-match furniture added to the many red-orange-gold tones in the room!  The teal-green duvet presents the perfect amount of contrast and color to the room.  I also love the amount of white in the design, as it keeps the room bright and lighter... and allows me to work in that ceramic rhino (from ZGallerie- I have a weird love of rhinos.)

I also really dig how the golden-brown in the duvet design really ties in perfectly with the gold on the walls, curtains, and previously-purchased decorative pillows. 

We also opened up the room by re-organizing our clothes and closets, which allowed us to take out the tall dresser, (seen here.)  I want to confess that re-organizing and re-arranging furniture makes me giddy-happy... and moving this dresser opened up so much space!  Visually, when you walk in the door, you now have an unobstructed path straight into the room and there is a wider walkway on the other side of the bed.  It also makes the back closet easy to access, and therefor use.  And finally, removing the tall dresser from my bed set means that the only furniture remaining is from the same matching set.  Makes for a much better, put-together room.  LOVE IT!

UPDATE: I had some trouble getting these shams (which was a real "SHAM"!  OH I kill myself!!)  Anyways, I ordered two standards with the duvet, but they were listed as back-ordered until 12/31.  Well, when the duvet finally shipped, the shams were still listed as back-ordered.  I've had trouble before when things say they are back-ordered, only to suddenly change and say "nope, you ain't getttin' squat!" 3 weeks after you made the order!  So, I started fretting and going back and forth about buying the Euro shams, which were still in stock... only to get a notice that said my shams were out-of-stock and sorry, SOL.  Then I looked online, after deciding to get the Euros, and see that THEY were out of stock, but the standards were available for purchase?? Totally confused I called customer service and the lovely lady helped straighten it all out and put me down for a new set.  End of the Story: I got my shams, the bed is made, and I love that WestElm customer service lady, where-ever she may be!


  1. love it! (i think this is my standard comment for your posts!)

  2. I really love that duvet!! Such awesome colors. WANT!
    When we registered for bedding, Dan had a strict "no floral or vines or leaves" policy (which matched well with my "no plaids or solids" policy, which pretty much left us with very few choices.

  3. Thank you! I am really really happy with it and glad others do not think I'm off my rocker with it!

    ... sounds like you are in a tough situation: left with bold prints or, uh, less bold prints??! What do you have going on?

  4. I enjoyed the bed with sheets curtain.However, the room looks seem a bit dark, right? If the room a little brighter, for example lighter wall color, curtains also like yellow color of the pillow, I think it will be perfect.

  5. This is a lovely duvet for a bedroom. Is it good and durable enough? From where have you purchased the comforter duvet?