Thursday, January 27, 2011

power to the people; except us

You know, it's pretty.  It really is.  All the branches are hanging low with the weight of the snow, which was so wet that it stuck to everything.  But... but maybe it's a little too heavy?  Maybe it would have been a touch nicer if this was a dry snow, and, oh I don't know... MEANT THAT WE COULD HAVE KEPT OUR POWER?!?!?!?  

Speed Limit: Snow

Yup, officially without power since 7-8pm last night.  We are officially in Pioneer-Mode.  The bummer is all our wood to make a fire in the outdoor pit?  Not protected from the elements.  And is covered in snow.  Man, a fire would have been so awesome- grill some sausages over the open flame!  But it was not to be.  (We do have a grill, so in the event that our power is still out for more than one day, we can always use that.  Or just eat out.  Every. Day.)

We have a pair of hurricane lanterns from my aunt and uncle that are AWESOME!  If you don't have any, go out and get some.  Seriously.  These puppies on full-flame give off an insane amount of light.  Plus, they are sturdier than candles and the flame is almost completely enclosed, so there's less worry about one knocking over or lighting your hair on fire.  Just passing on some advice to anyone else in power-challenged areas!

Keep warm, you guys!

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