Friday, October 8, 2010

curtain closed closet

One of the first things I did when moving in was remove some HORRIBLE hanging, accordion closet doors in my master bedroom.  Wasn't difficult... they were already 1/2 falling off!  So, for the better part of a year and a half, this is how my closet presented itself to the world:

Other than being too busy with other projects, I really don't have a reason why I didn't just install new, sliding closet doors...

I was REALLY REALLY busy, ok?*

So, I had some extra window scarves that happened to match my bedspread perfectly.  So, after hanging a $5 curtain rod,** VOILA!

It's a good, interim fix.  The curtains are usually open, as life it just easier that way.  But when company comes, I can close them for a more finished, (though not completely sealed off), look.  Whatcha think?

(Oh, and YHL totally has curtain-closed-closets, too... but theirs were installed and make for something of a dramatic built-in-bed look!  Check it out here)

*Yeah, I don't believe it, either.
**Ok, it wasn't nearly that easy or fast!  It's an awkward angle, and you have to prop a flashlight up to see.  And then I kept hitting something that was NOT drillable*** or hitting NOTHING which meant the screws didn't hold, but ya know what?  NO ONE will see these itty bitty mistakes.  So there.
***Why isn't "drillable" a word?

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