Sunday, June 6, 2010

the best laid plans...


So, the beau is moving into my fabulous palace I call home at the end of the month, and talks of rearranging and new projects have been flying!  The possibilities!

1) Closet-turned-minibar?
2) Back-room/ex-kitchenette/library-morphs-into-theater-room
3) Not one, but TWO new guest rooms
4) Re-finishing dressers to give them a funky new life

But, as we have a lot of furniture-merging to do, with not a lot of space to do it in, tape measurers** and creative thinking have come into play.  Enter: Roomle.***  Roomle is a website that allows you to make floorplans to plan your furnishings and layouts and share with friends!  Good-bye post-it-note-drawn-rooms, hello 3-D models!! (Did I mention you can make it 3D?  Because you can make it 3D.)  See below:

For more on this fantastic room, check out the renovationcurtains, and many, many aquarium posts.

This has Katie, (my cousin, bff, and home-decor/room-rearranging partner-in-crime... yes, all those things, all in one!) written all over it.  Please, Katie, rejoice with me.  Rejoice!!!****  

I will admit that it took me a while (and many oddly-placed walls) to get the hang of it, though it's fairly user-friendly.  The website does have tutorial videos, which I refuse to use.  Because I live life without instruction.  I will also say that they are a touch lacking on the furniture options & variety front.  I will allow this, for a while.  But then there will be hell to pay.  Hell, consisting of me shaking my fist at the computer screen.  And let me tell you, that is a mighty, mighty hell.  But as for now, most of the furnishings are erring on the side of "modern" and "cat-lover."*****

Has anyone else discovered Roomle?  Anyone wanna share their plans?

*Oh My God This Is So Freakin' Awesome
**"Measurers" is not a Chrome-recognized word?  I call BS on this one.  If "measurer" is a word, then it's plural should also be a word!  Get your shit together, Chrome.
***Credit where credit is due: the beau found this website.  He comes in handy.
****She has a label on her blog just for me!!!!  See???!??!?!  Love.
*****Seriously?  Just cat forts???  Where's a dog bowl or bed?  No fish tanks?  Haters.

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  1. reeeeejoicing!!!!!! although, i will say that these programs usually just frustrate the crap outta me and i don't give them much of a chance. at least i can draw exactly what i want!