Sunday, January 10, 2010

we are entering the age of aquariums!

...age of aquariUUUMMSSS!!!

As I posted before, there is a bit of a transformation going on with the fish tank. The tank is from my mom, who has had it for almost as long as I can remember. We've used it, first, for fish and later for a lizard. This is what it first looked like:


As you can see (or maybe you can't?) it's a basic & very flat oak stain with not much pizazz. And I, I am a girl of PIZAZZ!!

So I started staining:


I believe I used an Antique Pine stain, but who can be sure? The rest of the can is all the way downstairs and my feet are cold, so a guess is all you will get. But here we are, 1/2 done. 1/2 Pizazz, 1/2 Un-Pizazz.

Now, a wise woman would have done this with all the windows open. But it was cold outside!! Well, actually, I guess a "wise woman" would have taken the entire stand outside to stand in the spring or summer.... details, details.

After filling up the tank gradually (to check for leaks) and then adding the gravel.....


TA DA!! I love it. Nope, no fishies yet. I need to get filters and silly stuff like that. But that is neither here nor there- LOOK AT THE AQUARIUM! The dark color matches my house much better and is more of a statement in this stand-out stain. Sadly, the "wood" surrounding the actual tank is a plastic-faux-wood, and wouldn't take the stain. Whatevs, it's better this way. Two-toned, and all.

I would also like to say that this has been done for quite some time (over a month, I think!) But I just... I... I didn't have a picture of it. Sorry and sad excuse, I know. Many apologies.

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