Thursday, May 6, 2010

it's curtains for you!

I had a vision.  A beautiful vision of ethereal, white gauze billowing in my fabulous rec room.  

For the record, this was my "fabulous rec room" when I moved in:

Can't you just imagine the billows and the fabulous-ness???  Yup, me too.

Anyways, renovated the room, yada yada yada...

But no window treatments!  And let me tell you, I am a window treatment kinda gal.  The goal was to soften the room, and with the help of Ikea, I got my window treatments for a grand total of $10!  Added to $4 each cafe rods from Lowe's, and voila!  Window treatments for the entire room for $20!! 

Now, if hanging them was only that easy.....

So, my first thought was to hang them high, like I did with the living room curtains (LOVE), which makes the room feel taller.  This is because the eye sees a long line from ceiling to floor, which accentuates that distance.  However, I didn't think about the transparent, um, gauze-like nature of the... gauze curtains.

Not a fan.  Awkward and out-of-place.  So, out came the screws (advice: never tighten screws all the way until you are sure everything is in the right place), and in went a little patching putty and a dab of paint and Shh!  No one will know about this itsy-bitsy mistake.

Attempt #2:

MUCH better!  Love it.  Also like that this thin curtain helps to distort the view into my house from the outside.

Now, if only the other window was ready for the same overhaul.... ya see, it's kinda lacking molding.*  And no rod until there is molding; and no curtains until there is a rod.  You see my predicament??


*Hey, at least there IS a window!!!  Baby steps, people, baby steps.


  1. no one will know.. except, of course, everyone that reads the blog.

    i won't tell.

  2. just re-read that and realized it seems like i'm trying to say i'm the only one that reads it. not what i meant!