Thursday, June 10, 2010

grass is always less green...

I read blogs.  Food blogs, Renovation blogs, Decor blogs, Humor blogs.... and it's not often that I feel better about my house than others.  Ok, it's NEVER that I feel better about my house!  There are reasons: I've only been here a year while most everyone else is more established, I'm working on a really tight budget, my help is limited to when others are able to visit, my house was a dump to begin with, etc etc.

Except now, after seeing this post from Remodelaholic, I am feeling SO grateful that my place wasn't that bad!!!

So, while there are some rooms that reminded me of my own place....

.... I would have run away screaming after seeing these other rooms!

Everyone has a line.  I think mine is graffiti.  I get exhausted just thinking about all that work!  Let's hear it for people* willing to take on dilapidated houses!!!!  

*I believe the guy is a house-flipper.  His wife runs a family blog, which showed his awesome transformation.

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