Thursday, December 2, 2010

wishing you a very hippie holidays: peace wreath

Even hippies have holiday spirit!

So, remembering my new-found desire to decorate for the holidays, it should come as no surprise that I am hitting the ground running for Christmas and the winter months.  I got it in my head that I had to have a peace wreath.  Why?  Because the phrase goes Peace on Earth & Good Will to Man.... so, I thought I would take care of the first part.  You do the second part, and we will be good to go, k?

But then I saw Pier1 and Amazon had them!  And they STOLE my idea!!!  MINE!  The nerve.*

Anyways, a how-to:
1. Buy duct-tape in a color that will match your intended garland.
2. Buy garland.
3. Buy wreath frame & extra for center pieces.  I used straw frames- one large (~2ft) and two small (~8in) frames (these cost about $4 and $2, respectively, at your local craft store.. less if you use a coupon!)  
4. Cut the two small frames at one point and start straightening them.  The frames are held together by a wrapping of fishing line/clear thread, so I went through and snipped these lines, as well.  It takes a couple minutes to work the straw straight and clip any remaining line that's keeping the frame circular.  

5. Measure/fit the straight rods into the larger frame: start first by fitting the long center beam.  Cut to size and secure with duct tape.  Then work on the other two, smaller beams and secure, similarly.  

As you can see, I ran out of the silver tape.** 

6. Start wrapping garland!!  I used super glue to secure the ends, and just worked my way around, making sure to check for bald spots every so often.

It PROBABLY would be a good idea to plan your method of attack to minimize back-tracking and starting new pieces.  But I didn't think of this before starting, I just dove in and then contemplated my options at the first intersection.  

I think this:

...would be the optimal way to go about it.  Now, let us take a moment to bask in the glory that is Paint.

Ahhhh, Paint.

7. Trim any areas you feel the garland is too thick or obscuring the overall shape.
8. Hang on door!  I used a 3M hook (the ones where you can pull the sticky back to remove with no remaining mark or damage to the surface,) and some hanging wire. 
9. Step back & admire.  Contemplate getting some flares and a leather headband.

Total Cost: ~$26

Oh man, I love this!  I found the silver & green garland at Target for $5 or $6 per 18 yards.  I ended up using 2.08 strands of garland (so, about 37 yards; YAY MATH!)... that one last bit needed, the .08 strand, really irritated me.  Made me run back out to the store for a minuscule amount!  But, there was just no way to stretch it, and getting extra meant I could make the wreath fuller.  

Whatcha think?  I kinda love it.  Only, less "kinda" and more "really really".  It makes me happy, and I think it represents a sentiment we can all get behind (oh god, corny!)  I think it would be really cool in a bold red or blue garland, too!

*However, Pier1's cost $99!  And that Amazon one has only 2 stars.  Clearly, my version is rated A MILLION stars and cost way less than 100 smack-a-roos!
**Originally, I was going to do this in all-silver garland.  That was my vision.  But I could only find one place that had silver garland and it was sucky, and this green & silver was really awesome- bling meets homey.  Perfect!

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