Monday, November 15, 2010

fall deorations

It seems I have caught the seasonal decorating bug.. can't decide if this is good or bad.  Anyways, while finishing the pumpkins for Halloween, I went a little spray-paint crazy....

We've been over the pumpkins, but as you saw, there were pine cones also getting worked-over...  Why pine cones?  Well, cheap, for one, and "winter-y," for second.  

Let me clarify.  By "cheap," I mean "free."  Seriously, if you are paying for pine cones, then you're doing it wrong.  I collected a few types of cones- come short & fat and other long and flakier.  Variety!  The spice of life!

So, as with the pumpkins, I first did a layer of white paint and followed up with metallic paint.  This requires a couple coats to cover all the ridges and crevices, but the result is awesome.    Also? excluding drying time, this project is done in less than 15 minutes!  I find these spray-painting projects are perfect to do after work or in between bigger tasks on a weekend.  They are fun and full or instant gratification. 

I tossed the gold pine cones in with the pumpkins & gourds from October for a fantastically "Fall" centerpiece.  You like?

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