Tuesday, December 14, 2010

tall glass of wax: coca-cola glass candles

As I was unpacking some of the beau's boxes, I stumbled upon a collection of Coca-Cola glasses.  I was confused.  What?  Where?  When?  Why?

Apparently, he got them for cheap from an artist/student/who-knows?  These seven were in good shape, but there were a handful more that were... bad.  Very bad.  Like with a top still attached or white on the rims?  I don't really know why half-done ones were sold with the finished glasses.... people are weird.

SO, I took the good glasses, dropped a votive in there and decided my grey & yellow & red guest room should REALLY be my grey & yellow & green guest room!  Ta-Da!

The green accent is totally funner and more spring-like.  I'm a fan.  Unlike how I feel about those dressers.  Definitely NOT a fan... just counting the days until I can show those guys who's boss!!

Anyways, I find these guys totally enchanting and awesome.  The multiple, semi-clear glasses add such a twinkle to the room!!!  It's really great.  And better yet?  Don't 100% with things we had laying around the house!

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  1. i love that bedspread! and maybe you need a charger/dish type thing to set those votives on?