Friday, April 8, 2011

stick tile removal: what lies beneath

It seems as the temperature rises, so does our ambition.  And so, even though I have fleeting moments where I think we will only have one project at a time- start to finish.... buuuuttttttt that doesnt happen.  You know what does happen?  We start 29 projects at once.  Yup, 29.  

We currently have the following on our plates:
  1. Replace bathroom vanity and lighting.
  2. Remove outlining bushes in the front.
  3. Re-seed/grass backyard.
  4. Paint bed frame in guest-room #2.
  5. Paint dressers in guest-room #1.

These guys have been here from the beginning.  Originally, they were in the kitchen and the dining room making something of a larger, eat-in kitchen, I guess?  During the first year, I removed them from the kitchen to reveal white, ceramic tile underneath.  Though we knew the stick tile came up easily and that there was hardwood under them, we held off on removing them in fear of finding super damaged wood or damaging the wood in the process.  Well, these stick tiles aren't just ugly, they are a pain in the patootie.  They also have been peeling up at the edges, creating it impossible to sweep/swifer the floor (all the dirt just gets caught along the puckered-up edge!)  

Enough is ENOUGH!  I got so irritated at these while cleaning, I pulled up a corner and cleaned up the adhesive... then more of the tile... and more...  

(I removed one tile on Sunday, but then ran out for a Sunday-Funday with cousins.  After dinner the next night I pulled 4 more up.)

Look!  Not damaged!  Why would you EVER cover that up?!?!?!  Seriously, WHY????

Some tiles take a little more muscle to pull up than others, but nothing too bad.  After maybe 3 or 4 hours:

Holy Awesome.  

I'll post more, with better pictures and how we managed to get it all up, once the room is complete.  Weekend, HERE I COME!!


  1. Holy cow! It is like you struck gold! I can't believe how good the condition of the wood floors are. Why would anyone have covered them up in the first place?!?!?!

  2. I just paid a lot of money to put in new wood flooring.. to cover tile! To each his
    Good for you to find such a treasure!

  3. oh my goodness!!! why would someone ever cover that beauty up???
    so my dogs got sick a few times and puked on our sisal rugs and it didn't clean up well. i had a cotton rug and one of them peed in it when he was mad at me and it ruined part of our wood floor underneath. so we are rugless! :) at least until we are dogless, which will probably never happen.