Sunday, April 17, 2011

dining room: update


These were from the real estate posting.  You know what I noticed about real estate listings?  You are never really able to tell how dingy the rooms really are...

Move-in day.


I LOVE those candlesticks!  They were thrift-store purchases that were painted silver (see???)  I plan to play around with how many I display on the table and in what way for different centerpieces.  Oh, the possibilities!

Anyways, you can see that we painted the walls and hung curtains.  Otherwise, there is not much else that we did to this room, until....


Oh yeah, look at that beauty!!  All hardwood and no stick-tiles!  THE HOTNESS!!!  So, after the curtains and the paint, we recently removed all the stick tiles (stay tuned for a more in-depth look at that in the next couple of days.)

A few things in this room that I love:

Here's a HomeGoods find though I forget how much it was (how many HG buys do I have?  No clue.  A thousand???  Yup, that sounds about right.)  I love the star-burst mirrors!  I am toying with the idea of making a star-burst collection on this wall... have yet to decide.  What are your thoughts? 

I still love this spray painted chandelier re-do (read more here.)  Just realized* that I have a few touch-ups to do on it, though... WHOOPS!  I am thinking about painting the candlestick holders a soft, buttery yellow.  I was thinking about a design, but... don't know.  What do you think?**
  1. Paint a design (like yellow latice-work over the existing beige/ream) 
  2. Paint all yellow 
  3. Leave as-is?  

*Ok, so the beau pointed it out.  I was quite happy in my ignorance, thankyouverymuch!
**Note: I do have an extra candlestick holder to experiment with (I need to fix one of the holders, and they are sold in packs of two.

So there you go, our dining room!  What do you think?  I know its pretty ordinary, and I plan to use those shelves to add some personality, fun, and continuity to the space, but that will  be in time.

Soon to come: the tile removal process!  Riveting.


  1. I LOVE the starburst collection idea for that wall!! fill 'er up! i'll keep my eyes peeled for some bargains! the floor looks great, and i vote lacy pattern on the "candle" holders!

  2. Wow! Looks amazing!! What a before and after! Thanks for linking up to my dining room house tour party!

  3. totally gorgeous dining room! I LOVE what you've done! PS- I totally love your ceiling medallion! Great addition to the space!

  4. I love your chandelier, it's gorgeous just the way it is!!! You have a done a great job. I'm visiting from Houseography dining room house tour party!

  5. Loving the dining room. Everything looks great. I love your chandelier. I saw you over at Remodelaholic and stopped by. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back at Thanks so much.

  6. I love it, such a great transformation! I have a new link party starting up on Monday and this would be perfect to link up. There's more info at this link:

    Thanks! Anna

  7. i love that mirror, and the curtains add a nice touch of drama!