Wednesday, November 3, 2010

happy halloween!

Halloween means two things: Pumpkins & Costumes!  Ok, maybe the third would be Trick-or-Treaters... but I thought it would be creepy to take pictures of other peoples' kids.  So, you only get two.

1) Pumpkins

Both of these suckers were huge, (which, I must say, pleased the trick-or-treaters!)  Mine is the one in the background- I fell for this bumpy & wonderfully imperfect pumpkin that I knew I just HAD to make into a grouchy old man.  Fun.. but next time I get the urge to buy an ugly duckling, it will be just for show... that skin was tough to work with!!

The beau's pumpkin is the bigger one in the front.  He got all fancy with skinning off parts before carving AND did rounded edges.  Attention to detail... 

Love them both!  But... I think a woodland creature has started to snack on them.... maybe time to pitch 'em. Doesn't matter- Already have ideas for next year!

2) Costumes

Clearly, everyone else who goes as Old Hollywood stars are doing it wrong.. you HAVE to dress in black & white if you're gonna do it right!  

This was at the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rallies (Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive).  We received TONS of praise for the sign and the costumes (credit where credit's due: the sign was all the beau's idea... he's a clever one!)  It was really quite wild to get stopped ever 10 steps by a group of people wanting our picture; and made it difficult to make good time!  Anyways, though it was a lot of fun & I greatly enjoyed the transformation... I was super glad to wash it off and be able to freely scratch my chin without a second thought.

Added bit of fun: we were pictured on the Washington Post Blog as part of a vote-for-your-favorite-sign survey from the rally!  Check it out!

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