Saturday, June 6, 2009

living large


Let me clarify, these walls are an attempt at khaki/light beige. But, there's too much of a green tint to it to be a good color. What I am trying to say is it was bad. Ugly. And dingy. Sooooo.....

... I had to paint!


This was my most difficult color decision- I went from something neutral to orange to green, and back again. Agonizing, I tell you, agonizing. But, in the end (as, um, you can see,) I went with neutral. Or, rather, "neutral" for me. But I love it! Warm & rich.

The couch and arm chair were a Craigslist steal and the ottoman/coffee table is from T.J. Maxx... and they match! Shag rug from Home Goods, (which is an amazing place to get an 8x10 rug for under $300!!)


It's curtains for me, CURTAINS! .... it's shocking how long I went without curtains. They are a beautiful invention, let me tell you. Anyways, my world is better now that I have these curtains. I picked up the last 2 packs from the Potomac Mills Ikea, (College Park didn't have any in stock), but now I want MORE! Master plan is to hang a matching set in the dining room. ...easier said than done, as the closest Ikea with these curtains is in freakin' Narnia.

This is one of my favorite things. Solid wood carving. And, just to make you jealous, it was $25. Total. That's it. I have a hard time finding jeans for that price, let alone a huge 4ft x 4ft piece of art!
It seems I do not have any pictures of my entertainment stand... huh. Should get on that.

Don't forsythias make you happy? They do me.

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