Friday, September 24, 2010

movin' on up to the east side!

Things, my friend, have changed!

1) My beau moved in.  And so did his stuff.  This is a good thing!  ...he has a KitchenAid.*
2) Old roomie moved out.
3) Almost every room in the house has been re-arranged.
4) The beau is hitting the ground running & helping get this place up-to-snuff!  Which means, small little home improvement projects EVERYWHERE!**
5) I am really, REALLY behind on posting about all of these.....

So, what is going to happen is, I will do a room-by-room update- from original condition to pre-bf condition to current.  BUT FIRST!  Take a gander at the mayhem:

waBAM!  That's right.  Solid. Wall. Of. Boxes.  AND this was after some "reorganizing so I can actually get in and out of the house"!

 There was a small aisle to get to the fishies (we realized that the poor buggers actually needed food.  And light-control.***)

Don't even think about getting back there!  ...sadly, the beau would ask where something was and I would immediately remember that it was in the back room.  The furthest room.  The hardest-to-get-to room.  Figures.

Oh, and the reason we didn't move everything straight into their delegated rooms (or at least, to more than ONE room), was that my renter was still in the house for another week.  Yup.  This was a week-long pleasure.  Next house: storage.  

The Sunday after move-in-Saturday, we re-arranged the master bedroom.  Even though the beau sold most of his old furniture, (except for a TV stand and DVD shelving unit,) we did keep his bedroom set.  Liked it more. This meant... 

 .... does anyone else live with a dresser covered in handy items?  Never know when you may need to grab that box-cutter & rush to a DIY emergency!

**Yup.  Tons of little projects.  No documentation.  Maybe I should make a New-Fall's Resolution...
***We've since put the fish light on a timer.  This is an excellent idea, if I do say so myself.  Makes life a lot easier for all those times we go out to dinner or sleep in... the fish can count on a regular cycle of "sun".


  1. a "sun" that is like:
    6:58, 6:59, 7AM DAYTIME! ... 7:58, 7:59, 8PM NIGHTTIME!

  2. Totally like real life, right???