Monday, April 26, 2010

bench press

You know what's awesome?  When three men decide to stop by your house and magically lift the 700lb* slab of marble onto the legs to make, voila! a bench!!

The worst of it is this bench has been in pieces in my front yard for a good 9 months without any progress.**  Let me tell you, the curb appeal on this place was SKY HIGH!  

*Ok, maybe it wasn't 700lbs.  But, lets humor the boys- it's more impressive for them this way.  I have no idea how heavy it was... but it was heavy!  Heavy as a rock!!
**9 months.  Maybe more.  Don't judge me. 

But that all changed, recently!  It started when my beau re-dug the holes for the legs, (re-dug because after 9 months, holes start to cave in and fill up,) and filled it with concrete.  We opted to fill it with dry concrete, with the idea that it would draw moisture from the damp, surrounding ground and any coming rain.  And guess what?  It worked!  So, holes were dug.  Initial leg stones were placed in the holes with concrete and leveled.  The remaining leg stones were stacked with a few dots of Liquid Nails between each for stability.  And finally?  The keystone!  The pièce de résistance!  The bench seat!!!!

 Look how pretty!  It's a bench!  Ignore the random pieces of 2x4 and plywood.  Just enjoy the bench.  Soon to be surrounded by amazing landscaping!*  And the best part?  Almost 100% free, thanks to my neighbor having access to free, leftover stone** & marble and my mom's leftover concrete; I bought the Liquid Nails & caulking gun.

And I must thank the three very helpful men- I am so grateful!!!

*"Soon" is a relative term with me.  See above: 9 months.
**My neighbor & I moved the bench top from the curbside all the way to this corner of the front yard, Egyptian-style with rope and rolling bars and planks.  

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  1. Good job, boys! The next time I make it down for a visit to Chateau Candy's Kitchen, I will be sure to take a moment of silence to marvel at its beauty!