Monday, March 29, 2010

weekend update

This past weekend, we started the massive undertaking of tackling the backyard.... which was AWESOME!  And couldn't have been done without the help of my mom & my handy beau.

 The Hill of Doom: you can't see it very well, but this hill is covered in leaves, weed-trees, vines, and ground cover.

Things accomplished: raked & bagged the top level/tier of the yard, replaced the scalloped edgers around a crape myrtle with field-stones, cemented the legs for the to-be-built marble bench in the front, transplanted salvageable plants from The Hill of Doom, sprayed The Hill of Doom with brush & poison killer, removed 2 bushes, widened the vegetable & herb garden, and started taking down the red privacy fence. 

I can't wait for next spring when this line of daffodils comes up bigger & badder than ever!

Unfortunately, most of the things, (like raking and spraying killer,) aren't exactly visual improvements... in the picture above you can see the line of daffodils I transplanted (AND I still have a few more clumps to move!)  It was recommended to me that after transplanting the flowering plants, to cut them down so that only 3" remained.  This is to alleviate stress on the plant, as supporting blooms & buds & full growth would be tough on a just-transplanted bulb.  Now, for the (one) before & after!


I don't remember the exact state of this garden when I moved in... I know there was a dog house where the hibernating hydrangea is and there was another boxwood bush.  But, otherwise, who knows!  Dark memories are easily blocked from my memory!

Last year, I planted a few peppers and a couple tomato plants in this garden, and had an ok crop.  But, things were cramped and never received enough sunlight.  So, my vision is to remove the back two bushes and the red fence.  Then, move the rock line towards the slate pathway/patio, to widen the garden.


And, there's my photogenic dog.  Smiling for the camera. 

But the garden!  Already looking MUCH bigger & just aching for some plants!  We had to stop tearing down the fence because we had nowhere to take it.  The rest will (hopefully) be removed when I can borrow my mom's pick-up for runs to the recycling center.  And my mind is racing with what kinds of peppers, herbs, tomatoes and other veggies (zucchini!) I can plant! 

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