Sunday, January 3, 2010

you could go with this... could go with that!

Christopher Walken needs to be in more music videos.


In the epic battle between two rugs, only one can be the champion!! Sale at the Pottery Barn outlet means amazingly beautiful and plush rugs for cheap. Now, I have to decide which to use in the library!


Hard to tell with the camera/lighting/computer display, but this is pretty much a perfect color match. I can't tell you how much this surprised me, as the wall color was a weird color-creation at the paint table. But it works! It also has a great design in 4 different browns. I actually saw this rug on a decorating blog months ago and liked it, and lo & behold- it's now in my house!

One of the medium browns really matches the floor well. The coffee table will be stained a dark brown, which will be close, if not exactly matching, to the darkest color in the rug.


....... what is that??!??! Is that a Vanna White impersonator?? you see, this is what happens when you try and get things accomplished with your "hilarious" brother around. Hardy-har har har.

::le sigh::

Anyways, as I was saying...

TA DA! This is a dark blue rug that is insanely rich in color and awesomely thick and plush. I love the way it feels under foot, and the blue is beautiful. It has a bit of texture to it (better seen in the next picture, though the color in that picture is a bit too light and cobalt-y.)

So, the question arises: Rug 1 or Rug 2? The blue rug is more of a statement piece in the room and would really stand out, whereas the pattern rug would blend in to the room as it matches the wall and existing wood.

Stay tuned to find out which one I pick!! (I know, the excitement is just TOO great. I can barely stand it!)

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  1. i like the first rug very much! it sounds like the second is a keeper too, though... maybe you could switch them out when you get bored with one? or do their prices, despite the sale, require you to return at least one? i say keep 'em both if you can afford it!