Tuesday, August 23, 2011

our wedding inspiration, v1


Our Wedding Inspiration, v1

Our Wedding Inspiration, v1 by csmenke on Polyvore.com

1) The paper lanterns (tent and aisle)
2) The pompom/tissue paper flowers (fancy-ing up the house)
3) The cake buffet (oh man, EPIC)
4) Sparklers... somehow.
5) Lemons & lemony-yellow 
6) DIY chalkboard signs
7) I don't know why I had to include that table setting... I really only tagged it because I liked how they placed/arranged the napkins.  But dammit, napkin arrangement is IMPORTANT!

Our colors: peacock blue & lemon yellow & white (and lots of spring green from, ya know, the spring and plants).

TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo collage via polyvore

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