Thursday, June 9, 2011

restaurant reviews: debut & ren's ramen

I've been neglecting half of this whole "cooking and renovation" concept.  Not that I haven't been eating.  I have. And not that I haven't been cooking.  I have.  I just haven't been documenting (writing & remember recipes and taking pictures).  I must confess,* this is mostly laziness and hurried-ness to get dinner on the table before 10pm.**  I promise I have a beautiful spring dessert that I will post in the next week and a re-cap on how I baked cakes (plural) for a friend's wedding and lived to tell about it soon after that.***

ANYWHO, something I have been trying to do? Yelp reviews.  Why?  Because I use them when looking for a restaurant, and figured I should add to instead of just take, take & take.  I am a selfless saint.

Plus they make a pretty little map for me of the places I've reviewed.  I like maps.

I've made a page for these reviews for anyone interested (i.e. lives around here.... though I will review anywhere I go on travels!)

everyone loves the lipsticked ducks more than my projects :(

Latest review is of Ren's Ramen in Wheaton, MD!  An awesome noodle joint that opened a little over a week ago after moving here from Bethesda, MD.  Go on & check it out!!!  (my reviews and the ramen joint, that is!)

*That my loneliness is killing me no-oo-o-o-ow!  Don't you know I still believe that you will be here & give me a si-ii-i-i-ign....
**Yeah, that's happened before.  WORTH IT!
***So, the wedding hasn't happened yet.  The whole "lived to tell about it" may be counting my eggs before they chicken out, or something.

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