Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i'm the hostess without the mostest....

What is a chef/host without a cute apron?  Nothing!  And therefore, I am... not a chef/hostess.  Le sad.

Just saw these awesome aprons (in "Hostess" and "Chef" styles?  Because they cannot be one and the same?  Clearly, I have much to learn.)


So chic!  So cool!  So I-Must-Have-One!  I think these three are my favorite styles, (I am also a huge fan of the third style in the red&white and black&white options.)  I like that they have pockets, too.  Very handy (GET IT!  Hand??  Pocket?!?!?  HAND??!!)


And look!  For the men!  You know, I would say the cow dissection one is perfect for grilling... but grilling is a messy business, and a white apron is just silly.

Anyways, aprons by Jessie Steele.  Matching oven mitts, pot-holders, and rubber gloves are also available.

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